East Caribbean Financial Holding Company Ltd

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East Caribbean Financial Holding Company Ltd

 The East Caribbean Financial Holding Company Limited (ECFH) was formed in June 20021 from the amalgamation of the former National Commercial Bank of Saint Lucia Limited and teh Saint Lucia Development Bank.  It's registered office is 5th Floor, Financial Centre, No. 1 Bridge Street, Castries, Saint Lucia.  It is the parent company for Bank of Saint Lucia Limited.

Contact & Addresses

Telephone 1:
(758) 456-6000
Telephone 2:
(758) 456-6832
(758) 456-6702
Physical Address:
#1 Bridge Street  Castries   Saint Lucia 
Mailing Address:
P O Box 1860  Castries   Saint Lucia 

Other Information

Company Secretary:
Ms. Estherlita Cumberbatch

24,465,589 - Ordinary Shares

830,000 - Preference Shares

Registration Number:
Place of Incorporation:
Saint Lucia
Primary Business Activity:
Financial Holding Company
Date of Incorporation:
Financial Year End:
Subject to Regulatory Action:
Substantial Shareholders:

Senior Managers

  1. Mr. Rolf Phillips, Managing Director
  2. Mr Medford Francis, Deputy Managing Director Lending and Investments
  3. Mr Lyndon Arnold, Deputy Managing Director Operations
  4. Ms.kETHA August - CFO
  5. Ms. Estherlita Cumberbatch - Corporate Secretary
  6. Ms Cecilia Ferdinand, Senior Manager - Credit Administration
  7. Ms Deborah Pelage, Senior Manager - Operations
  8. Ms Shanta Louis, Senior Manager - Risk and Compliance
  9. Mrs Minelva Oculien-Moses, Senior Manager - Human Resources
  10. Ms Melissa Simon, Senior Manager - Internal Audit
  11. Mrs Arleta Rate- Michel - Senior Manager Retail Banking
  12. Mr. Cedric Charles - Senior Manager Investment Banking Services
  13. Mr. Taddeus Pierrot - Senior Manager IMTS
  14. Mr Cornelius Sidonie, Senior Manager - Corporate Banking


  1. Llewlellyn Gill
  2. Omar Davis
  3. Trevor Louisy
  4. Pat Payne
  5. Stewart Haynes
  6. Evaristus Jn. Marie
  7. Malcolm Alexander
  8. Rolf Phillips
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