Bank of Saint Lucia Ltd

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Bank of Saint Lucia Ltd

Contact & Addresses

Telephone 1:
Physical Address:
2nd Floor, Financial Centre Building No. 1 Bridge Street Castries   Saint Lucia 
Mailing Address:
P O Box 1862  Castries   Saint Lucia 

Other Information

Company Secretary:
Mrs Estherlita Cumberbatch

1,478,875 Common Shares

Licence Number:
Type of Licence:
Place of Incorporation:
Saint Lucia
Primary Business Activity:
Commercial Bank
Date of Incorporation:
Financial Year End:
Subject to Regulatory Action:
Substantial Shareholders:

Senior Managers

  1. Dr Bernard La Corbiniere, Managing Director
  2. Mr Baldwin Taylor, Senoir Manager - Retail Banking
  3. Ms Cecilia Ferdinand, Senior Manager - Credit Administration
  4. Ms Cynthia Laurent, Senior Manager - Operations
  5. Mrs Estherlita Cumberbatch, Corporate Secretary
  6. Ms Joanna Charles, Deputy Managing Director (Ag)
  7. Mrs Ketha Auguste, Chief Financial Officer
  8. Mr Lyndon Arnold, Senior Manager - Information Management & Technology Services
  9. Mr Medford Francis, Senior Manager - Investment Banking Services
  10. Ms Melissa Simon, Senior Manager - Internal Audit
  11. Mrs Minelva Oculien-Moses, Senior Manager - Human Resources
  12. Ms Shanta Louis, Senior Manager - Risk & Compliance


  1. Mrs Jacqueline Emmanuel-Flood
  2. Mr Marcus Joseph
  3. Mr Martin Dorville
  4. Mr Trevor Louisy
  5. Mr Andre Chastanet
  6. Mr Farid Antar
  7. Mr John Tang Nian
  8. Mr Llewellyn Gill
  9. Mr Omar Davis
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