Internet and Social Media Fraud

Many investors use the Internet and social media to help them with investment decisions. While these online tools can provide many benefits for investors, these tools can be a target for criminals. Criminals are quick to adapt to new technologies – and the Internet is no exception.

The Internet is a useful way to reach a mass audience without spending a lot of time or money. A website, online message, or social media site can reach large numbers with minimum effort. It's easy for fraudsters to make their messages look real and credible and sometimes hard for investors to tell the difference between fact and fiction. That's why you should think twice before you invest your money in any investment opportunity that is offered online.

The key to avoiding investment fraud on social media sites or elsewhere on the Internet is to be an educated investor. To learn about the specific steps you can take, see What You Can Do to Avoid Investment Fraud. Below, we tell you where various types of fraud may show up online such as Social media, Online investment newsletters, Online bulletin boards and chat rooms and Spam.