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Web-based Forms

The following documents are available as web-based electronic forms. You can complete an electronic version of the document online and submit it to the ECSRC by clicking on the relevant forms listed below, once you have an existing ECSIN account:

  1. Form ECSRC-OR – Quarterly Report or Transition Report
  2. Form ECSRC- MC – Material Change Report
  3. Form ECSRC-K – Annual Report

The following documents are available as PDF forms which you can download, complete and submit electronically to the ECSRC:

  1. Registration Statement (RS-1) – For new Issues of Securities
  2. Registration Statement (RS-2) – Annual Registration


PDF Submissions

Reporting Issuers may upload signed filings via the portal or may opt to prepare filings via the portal, print the documents for signature and upload the completed, signed filings as a PDF document. Any documents or notices that are required to be filed electronically under ECSRC Rule No…… but are not listed above as web-based forms must be submitted in PDF Format by logging in to your account. These include filings by licensees (Form BD-Q1 and Form BD-Q2), Prospectuses, annual audited financial statements, application forms. If you do not have access to upload a certain type of document, please contact us for assistance.


If you are filing a Registration Statement on Form RS-1, please submit an electronic version of the offering document, related marketing materials and any other offering materials, if applicable.

Please refer to the ECSIN User Guide for further filing instructions.


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