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Mon, Dec 18th,2023. By IOSCO

Online harm can take many forms, encompassing, for example, the inappropriate online promotion of risky investments, misleading statements made in advertisements or social media content, and fraudulent and illegal online activity or other investment scams, including those involving digital assets. While the misconduct patterns might be familiar, the ease of such online misconduct and the borderless nature of the online environment present new and growing challenges as novel forms of crypto-asset or technology-based fraud are increasing. The growing sophistication in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to all facets of society has the dual potential of magnifying the scale and impact of harmful online activities and providing new and powerful ways for regulators to detect, deter and disrupt such activities.

WARNING NOTICE: JMD Investments and Commodities Inc.

Mon, Dec 11th,2023. By ECSRC

This WARNING is issued by the Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission (“the Commission/ECSRC”) pursuant to Article 5(q) of the Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission Agreement 2020 and the Commission’s mandate to protect investors under the Securities Act 2001 of the laws of the member countries of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU).


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