Antigua Commercial Bank Ltd

Company Profile

Antigua Commercial Bank Ltd

Licensed Financial Institution/Commercial Bank

Contact & Addresses

Telephone 1:
(268) 481-4330
Telephone 2:
(268) 481-4201
(268) 481-4182
Physical Address:
Thames & St Mary's Street  St John's   Antigua and Barbuda 
Mailing Address:
P O Box 95  St John's   Antigua and Barbuda 

Other Information

Company Secretary:
Mrs Rhodette Paige, Legal Counsel/Corporate Secretary

10,000,000 Common Shares

Registration Number:
Place of Incorporation:
Antigua and Barbuda
Primary Business Activity:
Commercial Bank
Date of Incorporation:
Financial Year End:
Subject to Regulatory Action:
Substantial Shareholders:

Senior Managers

  1. Ms Joanna Charles, General Manager
  2. Mr Peter Ashe, Acting General Manager (13 July to 30 September 2018)
  3. Ms Joyanne Byers, Finance & Accounting Executive
  4. Mrs Rhodette Paige, Legal Counsel & Corporate Secretary
  5. Mr Austen Gittens, Chief Internal Auditor
  6. Ms M. Arlene Edwards, Manager - Corporate Banking
  7. Ms Helen Looby, Operations & Accounting Officer - ACB Mortgage and Trust Company Ltd
  8. Mr Peter Ashe, Manager - ACB Mortgage and Trust Company Ltd
  9. Ms Maria Abraham, Audit Officer
  10. Mr Sidlow Frank, Manager - Information Systems
  11. Mr Jonathan Lindsay, Manager - Customer Relations & Service Quality
  12. Ms Heidi Weste, Retail Lending and Recoveries
  13. Ms Sharon Nathaniel, Corporate Accounts Executive
  14. Mr Seth Burton, Marketing & Public Relations Executive
  15. Ms Sherene Bird, Human Resources Executive
  16. Ms Hermine Thomas, Manager - Risk & Compliance
  17. Mr Vaughn Joseph, Finance & Accounting Officer
  18. Mr Collin Maynard, Compliance Specialist
  19. Mr Alan Scholl, Project Manager
  20. Mr Lois Teague, Assistant Manager - Customer Relations & Service Quality


  1. Mrs Lorraine Raeburn, Chairma
  2. Mrs Sharon Matthew-Edwards-Vice Chairman
  3. Ms Sandra Derrick
  4. Ms Cassandra P. Simon
  5. Mr C Davidson Charles
  6. Mr C Kevin Silston
  7. Desire A. Zachariah
  8. Eric E Joseph
  9. Dyna Harney-Barnes
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